• A 30% deposit is to be paid at the time of the reservation.
  • The remainder of the sum is to be paid 30 days before the start of the lease agreement.
  • To cover the cost of damages or breakage, you hereby authorize the lessor to withdraw on your credit card an amount not exceeding $3,000.00. This amount will be taken, as the case may be, when an overview of the property and its contents for breakage or damages and/or for additional maintenance costs is completed.



OUR RESPONSABILITY : Should your stay in one of our properties become impossible because the Charlevoix region is not accessible or because we have been forbidden to operate as a tourist residence lessor, you will be reimbursed in totality.


YOUR RESPONSABILITY : Follow the public health rules during your stay.



  • Cancellations must be sent in writing to the Lessor at villasteracea@gmail.com
  • If the cancellation notice is received more than thirty (30) days before the due rental date, the 30% deposit will be kept by the Lessor as a fee for damages and interest.
  • If the cancellation notice is sent less than thirty (30) days preceeding the due rental date, no refund will be issued.
  • With the exception of Villa Le Fossile, no animals are allowed in the villas.
  • Smoking is forbidden in the houses; if guests smoke outside, no traces should be left behind, i.e., cigarettes butts, etc.
  • The Lessee must alert the Lessor of any and/or all BREAKAGE or DAMAGE at the time of the occurence, during the Lessee’s stay.
  • All notices concerning the use of the house must be respected.
  • No motor vehicles allowed (off-road vehicle, snowmobile, travel trailer, fifth wheel, etc.) on the properties of Terrasses Cap-à-l’Aigle.
  • The Lessee must not exceed the maximum number of persons present in the Villa, as set down in the rental agreement.
  • The house may only be used for vacation purposes.
  • The Lessee cannot assign his rights by virtue of the rental agreement nor sub-let the house to a third party.
  • Arrival hours (17h00) and departure hours (11h00) from the Villa must be respected by the Lessee.
  • Otherwise, the Lessor could use his right to add additional charges to the Lessee’s credit card.
  • Toilet paper supplied for the beginning of the stay, cleaning products supplied for the duration of the stay: personal hygiene products are not supplied.
  • Villa is as described on the website.
  • Linens are supplied (pillow cases, sheets, towels, etc.)
  • Electrical heating supplied.
  • Firewood supplied (10 logs per day)
  • Propane for BBQ supplied (summer only).
  • Long-distance calls and 411 calls charged to the Lessee.
  • Snow removal (parking) included.
  • Before leaving;
    – Garbage and recyclable items placed in bins left for said purpose.
    – Dishes must be done and the house left in a reasonably clean condition.
    ***If not, additional charges may be added to the Lessee’s credit card.
  • JACUZZI : Upon leaving, the water must be as clean for bathing as it was when you arrived. Shower is mandatory. Additional fees of $150 may be required if this is not the case.
  • SWIMMING POOL : Upon leaving, the water must be as clean for swimming as it was when you arrived. Shower is mandatory. Additional fees of $150 may be required if this is not the case.
  • Should any one of the conditions contained in this agreement NOT BE RESPECTED during the stay, the owner (Lessor) reserves the right to evict the Lessee, without having to reimburse sums already paid.

The Lessee is responsible for physical and material damages that may have occurred at the rented house during the rental term, and that, for any reason whatsoever, excepting material damages resulting from a construction defect, lack of maintenance, technological or natural catastrophes, and any and all damages covered by the home insurance policy of the Lessor.


The Lessee agrees to leave the villa at the end of his lease in the same condition it was upon arrival. The Lessee is responsible for any and all breakage and/or damages caused by him and by his guests.
Should this be the case, the Lessee will be handed an invoice for any and all damage to the property


The Lessee agrees to discharge the Lessor of any and all claims presented by any third party resulting from damages for which the Lessee is responsible.


If the premises are not rented the day before your arrival, it is possible for you to arrive at 11 a.m. instead of at 5 p.m. The cost will be 50% off the additional night. Should you be interested, please contact us a few days before your arrival.





The Terrasses Cap-à-l`Aigle website “9187-0840 Québec inc.” manages the rental management of all the villas displayed on this site. All acceptances, modifications or cancellations are made via this platform and all payments are made securely via Paysafe directly on this site.


Transactions are carried out by Terrasses Cap-à-l`Aigle for:
• Investissements Immobiliers MG. 2004 INC.
• Gestion Mont Murray
• Julie Pomminville
• Gestion FELT inc.
• Davnic SENC inc.
• Hebert Consultation TI inc.
• Le Littoral, Charlevoix Chalets
• Elise Benghozi
• Marie Rose 180 SENC.
• Julie Parenteau
André-Michel Essoungou



For any MODIFICATIONS or CANCELLATIONS, write to villasteracea@gmail.com


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